Month: March 2019

“My Second Home” by Haley Nagel

The aspens waved to us in the wind. The sky’s reflection lapped at the speckled sand at its edge. I would soon play its game. The triangle shadows of the trees on the ground spilled out onto the reflection’s surface. A single boat paddled across the sky’s reflection. Grey stone peaks dotted with pines and the waving aspens sheltered the… Read more →

“Food Pornography” by Eliza Calvo

Girls like you, live for the curves. The soft, outside, curvature angles, make a man’s heart melt like that golden yellow, flaring sundress you wear. Mouthwatering. Healthy greens have nothing on you. I see that massive hairy ape clinging onto you as tight as a wedgie in the crack of your ass. Just wow. The delicious beauty that sits within… Read more →

“Reflections” by Shawn Snoddy

Screens glowing, Blue and beautiful, avian Wings of written word  fluttering throughout consciousness. Precious tools blessed by the revered  Minds of the brilliant, the dull, the young and old – all  spilling out at the speed of light (Listen) we are killing imagination.    As is written in the Book, the scythe looms. Faces reflecting back at us, we do not.  See,… Read more →

Sportsball by JP Calixto

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, people of all nations, relations, and creeds! It’s that time of year again! Welcome to this wonderful report on something special that we all know and love: SPORTSBALL!!! I’m your host, Kent Caide, and today we’ll be giving you a rundown on what’s been happening in our favorite old sport. To start us off,… Read more →

The Fandom Menace By Sean Preiss

A long time ago, In a galaxy: Our galaxy, A rebel director Striking from a hidden story Has won his first victory against the status quo of filmmaking. His movie is A New Hope for cinema, With dazzling effects and a riveting narrative, Of a farm boy, a princess, and a scoundrel, On a quest to save the galaxy, Their… Read more →

A Short Guide to Becoming an Instagram Superstar at TCU By Isabella Nucci

First, before anything else, set aside $150. Why, you may ask? So that if all of the following advice fails you then you can purchase 1k followers on a janky app. Before you continue your rise to stardom, you’ll need to consider which persona you want to assume. If you want to give off the hipster, bible, chill-and-effortless-quirky-but-in-a-cool-way vibe then… Read more →