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The Plop

Ashley Parks Year: Junior Major: Writing, Theater Hometown: Woodbridge, VA   Don’t you love those moments in the rain as you siphon your body  through the trees, usually rushing, in a fruitless race  to keep dry. your foot clomps down one more time  on the rain-soaked earth, fields of crystal-clear puddles,  concrete and asphalt cauldrons  and soon your socks are… Read more →


Ally Ameel Year: Junior Major: Electrical Engineering Hometown: Austin, TX   You’ve always been one of those people.                I want to  grab your arms and spin you around       like a child under      a tree of Christmas lights   maybe if you get dizzy                         your vision will blur into                         a dazzling display of colors                                     an image… Read more →

Slow Burning

Darlene Ninziza Year: Senior Major: Child development and Writing  Home: Rwanda   Lying on a bed of burning coals Pressing in, relaxed, as I scream your name. I am to your right, next to you offering a way out, guard your heart. But you just look at me, and smile. The man who is supposed to love you, laid you… Read more →

Driver’s Insurance

Natalie Keller Year: Senior Major: Writing Hometown: Arlington, TX   He sat in the driver’s seat, blue eyes on his phone with my hazel ones staring at him in wonder of his neglecting glory.   We drive on, shaken by bumpy roads and a blind future in a 1997 Toyota Camry.   Slowly, we roll through a red stop sign;… Read more →

Yeehaw! The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo (FWSSR) is Back in Town in the New Dickies Arena from January 17th to February 8th.

Hayden Ferrari  Year: Senior Major: Writing Hometown: Houston, TX               The FWSSR provides an exciting and traditional experience for families, TCU students, locals and visitors. The carnival is a fun-filled and family friendly event accompanied by rodeo performances from talented cowboys and cowgirls.              Though many Fort Worth locals appreciated the character and tradition of… Read more →