Month: April 2018

Dear eleven40seven…

March 23, 2018   Dear eleven40seven, What is everyones obsession with baseball here? First of all, living in the commons, the fields are literally a FIFTEEN-minute walk out of the way. Second of all, the weather is awful almost 100% of the time. Third of all, the games literally last forever. My friend was there for over four and a… Read more →

Dear eleven40seven…

February 26, 2018   Dear eleven40seven, What the hell the point of HQ? I get that it’s this online live trivia game you can play twice a day but like, whats the point? You’re never going to make it to the end to win money and even if you do, so do like a thousand other people AND on top… Read more →

Introduction to a Dirty Mind (Via Disney)

By: Lizzie Nieves  This started as a movie review. Then it turned into “The Movies that Made Us.” I wanted to focus on the movies in the Disney Renaissance. You know the ones; The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Hercules, The Rescuers Down Under – you know, the movies that have a special place in all of our little… Read more →

Are You Looking For College Debt?

By: Teresa Finucane Are you looking for college debt? Seems like a weird question because the obvious answer should be no. The forever pit of sacrifice in applying for colleges that one would fall into is highly undesirable. Counselors warn us of what life is going to be like, telling us that we’re ONLY going to eat microwaveable food on… Read more →

Dear eleven40seven…

February 23, 2018   Dear eleven40seven, Wtf is up with this weather?!! I moved here to get a 70 degree and sunny atmosphere and its literally 32 degrees every morning when I go to my classes. AND then every time I come out of class in the middle of the day its like 85 degrees. How do I dress for… Read more →

I, Tonya: A Review

  By: Catherine Lillie Directed by Craig Gillespie and starring Margot Robbie, Allison Janney, and Sebastian Stan, I, Tonya serves to correct the record, giving a voice to the young Tonya Harding whose narrative was originally shaped by a long and vicious media cycle. Margot Robbie provides a brilliant performance, depicting the young Harding as a scrappy, irreverent young woman… Read more →


By: Audrey Ledergerber In certain circles, the Sabbath is not celebrated on Sunday nor on Saturday and not even in the day at all, but on Friday night. They not so much creep as strut out of their houses, carrying a vibrating aura of that contemporary genre referred to as trap music with them into their Ubers, which serve as… Read more →

Dear eleven40seven…

January 31, 2018   Dear eleven40seven, Why is everyone getting sick in Milton? Literally they’re smart af in there and here they are staying in hotels now, trying to avoid the “Milton plague.” I mean I don’t live in Milton but I do live in chickfila, which is pretty close to Milton and am not trying to get sick right… Read more →