Month: February 2022

Taco Soup Recipe

By Marissa Bradley from Flower Mound, Texas             Wanting something warm to eat? Too cold outside? I have the recipe for you! From the variety of beans to the spices to the protein, this taco soup recipe will surely warm you up on a cold evening.Following the instructions contains about ten to twelve servings.  If you have it at hand, you… Read more →

Branch & Bird Review

By Makayla Lockard from Mansfield, Texas           If you are looking for a nice place to dine to celebrate a special occasion, hang out with friends or family, or just to go somewhere with a nice view, I definitely recommend trying Branch & Bird in Fort Worth, Texas. With a sky lobby on top of Frost Bank Tower, Branch & Bird has… Read more →

Moonlight Paddle

Alyssa Burlison, Freshman, Writing, Trophy Club, TX   Usually a moonlit paddle boarding expedition had the ability to lull all the day’s worries and annoyances away, but tonight was different. Something felt off. Maybe it was because the moonlight was blanketed by a cluster of dense clouds, making the once clear blue waters of the Pacific dark and gloomy, or… Read more →

Beauty in a White Kimono

Madelaine Seyer, Junior, Speech Pathology, Oregon City, OR   I first met Henry Wojcik at the University of Manchester. I was studying international affairs and he studied art, of course. Henry was a force of nature, a catalyst of humor, and a recipient of good fortune that made people want to crowd around him and see which of his gifts… Read more →