Month: May 2019

Interaction for the Perpetually Lonely

By: Lutie Rodriguez Major: Writing & Music Year: Senior Hometown: Tulsa, OK   (after “future somatics to-do list” by Jen Hofer)   “Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.” —Mary Oliver   what is it like to be you? how does the world appear from your aperture? in sepia? greyscale? technicolor? what do you see in… Read more →

Red with a Tinge of Yellow

By: Afamefuna G. Onyebadi Major: Combined Sciences, English Minor Year: Senior Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya   Jaime I couldn’t figure out whether the answer to question five was “blue with a tinge of black” or “red with a tinge of yellow.” Often Mrs. Bloomfield went on and on about the importance of distinguishing the two, and often my mind wandered off.… Read more →