Month: July 2019


By: Olivia Chambers Major: Finance & Minor in Creative Writing Year: Sophomore Hometown: Westlake Village, CA   When I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. Fixing people and mending their wounds Was my dream. When I met you, I somehow became your doctor. You told me that you needed helping. And I was good at that.   Light.… Read more →

Truth Be Told

By: Amanda Smiley Major: English & Spanish Year: Senior Hometown: Denver, CO   Fact: He will tell you that you look beautiful in your blue dress. Maybe because he’s supposed to, maybe because he really thinks so. You’ll be wearing silver earrings and black heels, and he’ll wear a pink and blue tie because you told him your dress is… Read more →

Post-Apocalyptic Rom-Com Screening

By: Josh Borders Major: Economics Year: Junior Hometown: Kaufman, TX   You gather and eat of the rusted and dusty green pea soup cans, their contents – like neon milk – splashed   into a copper bowl. I watch your swollen hand lift a trembling spoon to bright blue lips. We found a Love Actually DVD in the heap  … Read more →