Month: October 2018

That 70s Show Series Review

By: Carl Richardson III   That 70s Show is a TV show that focuses on the lives of six teenagers who live in the fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin. The series follows Eric Foreman, a nerdy yet thoughtful and caring seventeen-year-old boy who lives the life of a “normal” teenage boy. His father is a World War II and Korean… Read more →

What the Way You Handle TCU’s Lack of Parking Spots Says About the Type of Student You Are

By: Morgan Williams   The TCU Parking Crisis: Move over stuwireless, there’s an even more unreliable and frustrating situation on TCU’s campus. TCU’s student parking has never been a shining quality of the school. However, during the fall semester of 2018, it has become worse than ever before. Texas Construction University has multiple projects taking place on campus. But, these… Read more →

The Bare Truth about Bare

By: Lauren Truong   It’s not uncommon to experience confusion about one’s identity, future, or role in life, especially as we mature. This confusion can range from class schedules, future career goals, or sexuality. Yet, this confusion often leads to the same thing: vulnerability and questioning of oneself. And while we often struggle to expose that vulnerability, Bare allows us… Read more →

“The Cave” by Trent Juarez

The light beams in as I sprint toward the cave entrance, my feet pounding against the cold, damp ground I hear echoes behind me, but rather than strain my ears to measure their proximity, I outstretch my hands. The sunlight is a warm comfort, yet burns against my skin as my awareness is captured by visions of the world, the… Read more →

“Bone Appétit” by Eliza Calvo

Inspired by Disney’s Silly Symphonies- “Skeleton Dance”   Awake and see nothing. The soil had cleaned the meat of our face. The clamor of cats screaming. Oh! Such a delightful sound of grace. Pushed all the filth out of the way, to have seen a cat pull another’s nose. They freaked out and had ran away, a reason for why… Read more →

“Atlanta” by Eliza Calvo

Pixie dust. A bum tried selling me a gateway at the CVS. Ironic of course. Ah, the steep hills. It’s not Beverly though. Streets that had holes as big as the U.S. immigration system. The streets were kissed prudently by culture. Places that reminds us what defines Jazz- where different skins dance together to the trumpets, keys, and optimistic tunes… Read more →