Month: April 2021

The Water Rises

Annika Sellke, Freshman, Newberg, Oregon   Rain fills the bioswale as the curtains sway with the soft breaths of a fluffy white dog who wishes to sleep his energetic morning away. The two boys near me discuss the new game, while beside them I find my mind pulled astray in search of a different, more nostalgic day…   I watch… Read more →

The Cinematic Voyage

Jaya Armstead, Senior, Writing, Dallas, Texas   The radiant lights illuminate the dark night sky Like a guiding beacon of light in a barren sea As a stranded ship I sail closer to the source of light This is the place where I was meant to be   The scent of salty buttery popcorn greets my nose with a kiss… Read more →

Stolen Moments

Lacey Harms, Writing, Senior, San Antonio, TX I have darted down the sidewalk after the ice cream truck, fiery asphalt turning my soft, child toes red.   I have painted sloppy pictures of toucans that have ears too big, or bizarre, purple-colored tongues.   I have clasped my hands, bowed my head, repeating the melodic, empty words of God, thank… Read more →


Lacey Harms, Writing, Senior, San Antonio, TX   recall: one day when i was sixteen, a time of living in the cul-de-sac a time of catty girls and sloppy kisses butterfly was weak— she was disoriented from flight trampled by a beautifully wicked human her antennae trembling   you snatched her up with your calloused hands— the hands you use… Read more →

Rose Parade

Lily Margaret Greenway, English, Religion, Freshman, Little Rock, Arkansas   The sun bursts into the new year. Its bloom mimics sixty-thousand roses whose scent stretches as far as the rays of the rising light. Together, they bury the baggage of gathering spectators, hoping, wishing, for beginnings cut as fresh as flower stems. A shift in numbers as clocks strike, a… Read more →