Month: January 2020

Pens ‘N Things

By: Ashley Parks Major: English and Theater Year: Junior Hometown: Woodbridge, VA   Click Clack Pressure Release Feel the streamlined plastic slither across the surface of your creped skin. Or maybe the other way around. Angles Planes Corners Curves Explore the many facets and faces to the heights of the eternal mountain. Inhale, until you can fully sniff out the… Read more →

Our Permanent Address is in the Heart

By: Katie Kovarik Major: English, Sports Broadcasting, and Political Science Year: Junior Hometown: Denver, CO   Separated by a generation but united by the same personality and the same mutually-disliked nose-shape, my ninety-two-year-old grandmother and myself have coincidently found ourselves in shockingly parallel situations as of late. Since my dad decided to establish his own family a mere five minutes… Read more →

Not my God

By: Alonzo Rangel Major: Writing Year: Sophomore Hometown: Fort Worth, TX   They told me to pray to him in adoration. As a poor man, I wondered how much about my famished frame and pissed on possessions I could attribute to someone else with elation for their help. Shaking the thought out of my head, I pondered whether the beauty… Read more →