Month: December 2017

How to Handle Fall

by Caitlin Mendoza   Welcome to Texas where seasons are a myth. Where one day you’re sweating and the next you’re regretting not bringing a jacket. Everyone expects fall to happen for some reason and everyone is disappointed. Even Texas natives complain when it’s 80 degrees in December, like they didn’t know it was coming all along. Like DFW has… Read more →

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle”, A Royal Repeat

By Julie Winspear   Caution: Spoilers Ahead         The original Kingsman movie charged into theaters in December 2014, with guns blazing and wardrobe looking immaculate. This Matthew Vaughn action/spy/comedy film garnered success thanks to its colorful sequences, star-studded cast, and black humor balanced with over-the-top action. Kingsman, though originally based on a comic book, made some bold moves for a… Read more →


Cassanova By Grace Backus   This past weekend I went and saw the Casanova: The Seduction of Europe exhibition at the Kimbell Art Museum. To preface this, I should say that I went in totally blind. I knew nothing about Casanova, his life, or anything that would be in the exhibit. The only thing I knew going in was that… Read more →