Month: April 2019

“Crushed” by Ally Ameel

More than anything, I wonder why you’ve decided to make yourself at home in my mind before I’ve gotten a chance to really know you. You are glimpses and waves, a hello and you look nice. I meant it by the way. I want to do so many things. Not specifically with you, but you happen to be the stand-in… Read more →

“Oregon of America” by Linh Tran

“What on Earth could make Oregon that fucking special, Huong? Enough for you to  do all this planning, manipulating, and even stealing?”  “It doesn’t matter, Nam! I don’t even care if it’s all desert over there, as long as it’s  part of America. As long as I get to step foot on that country, nothing else even matters to  me.” … Read more →

“The Decision” by Marissa Wells

Hannah got in the car as quickly as she could. Her mind was running wild; she could barely breathe. She started the engine and as she backed out of the parking space, her phone began to ring. It was Meredith, who was probably wondering how her doctor’s appointment went.   “Mere,” she said in a shaky voice as she picked up… Read more →

“Doug’s Diary” by Ethan Phillips

Do not read unless Doug January 23rd 1997   Dear Diary,  I guess that’s how you start these things…. I never thought I’d be writing in a diary but my cousin Pauly says it will help my “anger management”. The other day a couple good-for-nothins decided it’d be a good idea to steal some food from Pauly and I. Boy did they fuck… Read more →