Month: October 2017

Dear eleven40seven…

September 8, 2017 Dear eleven40seven, So one of my roommates makes us question if he even lives with us. He is never here and whenever we go out to bars or try to have a good time, he is always MIA and never wants to do anything with us. He hides in his room, lowkey ignores us, and is super… Read more →

Dear eleven40seven…

August 31, 2017 Dear eleven40seven, So I’m brand new here, and am clearly not from Texas-because my clothes fit-and I just don’t get the style here. Is there even a style here? Everyone wears oversized t-shirts that make me question whether they’re wearing shorts or not and honestly I think it just looks weird. Every time I go to an… Read more →

Review of “It” by Karenne Koessler

The film It instantly succeeded in catching the public’s eye. Last year’s all too familiar serial killing clowns trend – which even made its way to our very own TCU campus – allowed for the film to attain a large audience before even reaching theaters. Though the hype was undeniable, there was also an itch to see what the original… Read more →

Amon G. Carter Playlist

Music is curated from Apple Music   When game day rolls around, everyone wakes up, blares their genre of choice, and then heads to the TCU tailgates. Whether or not you have a certain fraternity in mind, or if you’re just getting ready with friends, you know the music has to be 100. So, here my friends, is the collaboration… Read more →