Dear eleven40seven…

August 31, 2017

Dear eleven40seven,

So I’m brand new here, and am clearly not from Texas-because my clothes fit-and I just don’t get the style here. Is there even a style here? Everyone wears oversized t-shirts that make me question whether they’re wearing shorts or not and honestly I think it just looks weird. Every time I go to an event, there are only large or extra-large t-shirt options, and whenever I put them on, they look out of place. Like what if you have really cute shorts on but your t-shirt is covering them up? Well I guess then you might wear a t-shirt that fits, idk I just don’t get it. Any advice?

-medium t-shirt


Dear medium t-shirt,

I guess it’s true what they say: People do wear their pajamas to class in college.



September 8, 2017

Dear eleven40seven,

For real, why do the professors work out in the rec early in the mornings? Its super weird to be waking up and trying to go work out and have my calculus professor asking me random ass questions about limits. Like honestly what’s the deal with that?



Dear gymrat503,

Do you even lift bro?