Month: October 2020

Advice Column

Written by Aubrey Hutson Dear eleven40seven,  I have this roommate that I’m having some issues with. She is a very nice girl, but she has a lot of qualities that are not really compatible with having roommates. For example, she does laundry for four to five hours at least three times a week. She never cleans the dishes after herself.… Read more →

Harry Potter Defense Against the Dark Arts Teachers Ranked-Alexes Martin:

Written by Alexes Martin WARNING: SPOILERS 7.Amycus Carrow — “Defense” wasn’t taught at all with this teacher. Carrow, under the reign of Severus Snape, seemed to take sadistic pleasure on teaching students how to use the “Unforgivable Curses,” rather than how to properly defend against them. He would allow students to cast a “Cruciatus”, or Torture spell on students who… Read more →

So, What’s Your Excuse?

Written by Ivy Walsh What is keeping you from cooking delicious homemade meals? Not Sure? I’ve generated a list below of some common excuses I hear from my fellow college students and friends and family on why they don’t cook.  You don’t have the time:  I hear you; I really do. Cooking can seem like a real chore, but there… Read more →