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Written by Aubrey Hutson Dear eleven40seven,  I have this roommate that I’m having some issues with. She is a very nice girl, but she has a lot of qualities that are not really compatible with having roommates. For example, she does laundry for four to five hours at least three times a week. She never cleans the dishes after herself.… Read more →

So, What’s Your Excuse?

Written by Ivy Walsh What is keeping you from cooking delicious homemade meals? Not Sure? I’ve generated a list below of some common excuses I hear from my fellow college students and friends and family on why they don’t cook.  You don’t have the time:  I hear you; I really do. Cooking can seem like a real chore, but there… Read more →

A Short Guide to Becoming an Instagram Superstar at TCU By Isabella Nucci

First, before anything else, set aside $150. Why, you may ask? So that if all of the following advice fails you then you can purchase 1k followers on a janky app. Before you continue your rise to stardom, you’ll need to consider which persona you want to assume. If you want to give off the hipster, bible, chill-and-effortless-quirky-but-in-a-cool-way vibe then… Read more →

Valentine’s Day 1147 Article By Aaron Schmid

In the same manner as all inescapable worldly pleasures and pains, Valentine’s Day has come again, and with it comes an incessant string of articles littering your feeds with guides to love, date ideas, and advertisements for last minute gifts. However, for you, today I offer a chance for simple reflection and a look towards the single most important person… Read more →