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Quentin Tarantino’s “Fire Trilogy”

Written by Gus Torrey If you have ever had the pleasure of lending your afternoon to any sort of conversation encircling legendary director Quentin Tarantino’s nine films, it has been, without a doubt, dominated by a singular concept: violence. Whether it be Uma Thurman’s quick katana work in 2003’s Kill Bill or the unfortunate fate of Officer Marvin Nash’s ear… Read more →

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game Review (from someone who doesn’t know anything about video games)

Written by Chloe Creed As much as I’ve tried, I’ve never really enjoyed video games. Besides the occasional Mario Kart race or Guitar Hero performance, I’ve kept my distance from the video game world, partially because I’m terrible at anything that doesn’t use a Wii remote. However, with the onset of quarantine last summer, I found myself looking for an… Read more →

Harry Potter Defense Against the Dark Arts Teachers Ranked-Alexes Martin:

Written by Alexes Martin WARNING: SPOILERS 7.Amycus Carrow — “Defense” wasn’t taught at all with this teacher. Carrow, under the reign of Severus Snape, seemed to take sadistic pleasure on teaching students how to use the “Unforgivable Curses,” rather than how to properly defend against them. He would allow students to cast a “Cruciatus”, or Torture spell on students who… Read more →

YOU Season One Review

Ivy Walsh Class: Sophomore Major: Strategic Communication Minor: Writing Hometown; Cincinnati, OH   This is a (mostly) spoiler-free review of Season 1 of You, which originally aired on Lifetime but is now available for streaming on Netflix. You was written by Caroline Kepness and was first aired in September of 2018. The story takes place in a modern-day New York… Read more →

Coffee Wars

Chloe Creed Class: Sophomore Majors: English and Political Science Hometown: Houston, TX   It’s the question on every TCU student’s mind, either in the midst of finals week stress or while rushing to make an 8 AM class: should I go to Dwell or Ampersand today?   Dwell Coffee and Biscuits and Ampersand are two of the newest additions to… Read more →

1917 Review

Caroline Pope Class: Senior Major: Writing Minor: Psychology Hometown: Nashville, TN   Directed by Sam Mendes, 1917 follows the story of English soldiers, Lance Corporals Blake and Schofield, and their quest to deliver crucial orders to a general at the front line. With the discovery that thousands of Allied soldiers are about to walk straight into a German trap, a… Read more →

“Trinkets” Review

Alyssa Johnston Year: Senior Major: Writing Hometown: Southlake, TX        If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling endlessly through the LGBT+ section of Netflix after finishing Sense8 for the hundredth time—then ultimately giving up in favor of Marathon #101—this is the review for you. As fun as it is to stick with characters already familiar to us, it’s healthier… Read more →