Month: June 2018

“Alarm” by Jeffrey Libby

Not many people love me. It’s hard to make friends when your only occupation is to rouse sleeping bodies from their slumber and selflessly give the time without so much as a “thank you”. Sitting motionless, only to be whacked on the head and cursed at as the light begins to bleed through windows. And after the abuse, I fall… Read more →

“Symphony No. 1” by Abigail Jennings

You will never be ready, they thought, and left in camaraderie to play to velvet rows supposedly empty but for strewn cases, whose souls had risen in song. Watch, Strings. Crescendo, and brilliant! Heavenly gusts unfurled to the walls that guarded someone in shadow, the sole viola chained still to Earth. To practice alone pitch and tone. Whole bow. No… Read more →

“An Evening Out” by Erin Ratigan

Careful not to wear those shoes or stumble as you go. But still, the light is fading and your pace must never slow. You thought ahead and parked your car where you might spot the glow, beneath a burning light post, where your isolation shows. The silence isn’t quite as frightening as what lurks below, And yes, you’re friends, but… Read more →