Month: October 2021

A Love Letter to Molly Baz and Beanz

by Gabby Douthitt   There aren’t many nights that pass without me falling asleep reading Molly Baz’s Cook This Book. Just last night, I made what she lovingly calls beanz—a garlicky, lemony cold green bean recipe adorned with pistachios and parmesan—for the sixth time. I make them and eat them as a side, an afternoon snack, a bite with coffee,… Read more →

“We Bear Bears” Amigurumi Tutorial

byKelly Winegar   Let’s start a new amigurumi project! First step, decide what to make. I love “We Bear Bears”! You can watch this Cartoon Network show on Netflix. Next, look for a reference photo. This will be a nice and simple beginner’s level project. With that I will source my materials, and then I am going to “cut” the… Read more →

Seven Wonders of West Texas

by Mya Estrada   There are, of course, more wonders in West Texas than just seven. Sonora Caverns, Big Bend National Park, and Hueco Tanks are all great places to visit and explore, in fact, I’ve been to all of those places a time or two myself. However, as a native West Texan, I wouldn’t say they’re wonders. In the… Read more →

Top 5 Resources for Your Right to Choose

by Taylor Burris   With Senate Bill 8 effective on September 1st of this year, Horned Frogs’ access to abortion is shrinking.[1] This new law effectively bans all abortions in Texas past 6 weeks by targeting providers and people who help abortion seekers. The unconstitutional mechanisms of this law are covered in better detail in this New York Times article.… Read more →

Celebrities We Should Treasure

by Theron Abell   Our current “mainstream” culture is centered on celebrities, but modern-day media seems to be mass producing more and more of those as people try to claim a spot in the public eye. More people trying their hand at being famous means there are more people for the audience to sift through to see who is worthy… Read more →

A Crystal Guide for College Students

by Kaye Webster   Nowadays, many are turning to more natural and spiritual ways of healing. A method that is beloved by many is Crystal Healing, a tradition that comes from ancient medical practices and relies on using a variety of colorful crystals to aid with a variety of ailments. Some people enjoy collecting crystals for aesthetic purposes (which is… Read more →

The “Classics” Playlist

by Gus Torrey   This little pet project of mine was crafted with one goal in mind: to unify. Now, what does such a broad goal entail? What does unity mean throughout one’s lifetime? Between one’s family? Across eras? Across artistry? For me, this all started with my mom. Growing up in my house, one would never fail to experience… Read more →