A Crystal Guide for College Students

by Kaye Webster


Nowadays, many are turning to more natural and spiritual ways of healing. A method that is beloved by many is Crystal Healing, a tradition that comes from ancient medical practices and relies on using a variety of colorful crystals to aid with a variety of ailments. Some people enjoy collecting crystals for aesthetic purposes (which is perfectly understandable since, let’s all be honest here, rocks are cool), however, many spiritualists grow their collections with the intention of putting their crystals’ healing properties to good use.


In this guide we will be exploring ten different crystals whose properties can be especially beneficial for college students.


Amethyst helps to reduce insomnia, stress, anxiety, and nightmares. It is considered to be one of the best crystals for students, and we can all agree that college is stressful and we could benefit from a little extra sleep. Amethyst also improves mental clarity, memory, and decision making. This crystal is also good for intuition, manifestation, and remembering your dreams.


Aquamarine is a calming stone which can help ease anxiety and phobias while also promoting courage and self-expression. It is also beneficial in balancing chakras and for discovering spiritual truth.


Carnelian can provide both the motivation and the determination you need to finish up those assignments you’ve been procrastinating all weekend. It can also be used to reduce the general pressures of life, as well as to provide the courage and energy to get through finals week unscathed. It is also known to be beneficial for musicians and artists since it can promote confidence, self-esteem, expression, and creativity.


Clear Quartz is generally known as a “Master Healer” due to the many different ways it can be used. It is a great study buddy to keep close to your desk since it can be used for improving mental clarity and retaining information. It is also beneficial for increasing energy and concentration as well as providing balancing energy. Similarly, clear quartz is often used to magnify the effects of other crystals and could be used to boost the energies of any of the crystals on this list.


Flourite is considered to be a wonderful stone for promoting happiness and balance. Many students can find it helpful for improving memory, focus, intuition, and decision-making skills. It is also known to bring a degree of peacefulness to chaotic environments (aka dorms).


Howlite is great for anyone who has a big exam coming up, since it promotes memory and knowledge while also being beneficial for soothing anxiety and stress. It can also be helpful for spiritual matters such as seeking a higher truth or attunement with divine forces.


Lapis Lazuli helps with all types of communication but is strongest when used for written communication such as essays or an email to a professor. It is especially beneficial to students since it also promotes learning, wisdom, problem solving, honesty, harmony, and progress.


Moonstone is beneficial in decision making, rational thought, creative problem solving, and self-expression. For anyone who loves to travel, this crystal is also thought to provide the strongest protection for traveling over water or at night.


Rose Quartz is most commonly associated with love, self-love as well as romantic. However, it also promotes compassion, emotional healing, joy, and peace. Keeping a piece of rose quartz near would be beneficial for any student who is looking to add another element to their self-care routine.


Tiger’s Eye is another favorite that is recommended for students. It can help with grounding, improving understanding, and self-confidence, all of which can bring comfort to anyone who feels like they are struggling with a class. In addition to this, it can also provide protection, clarity, and focus.


DISCLAIMER: The use of crystals is not, and should never be considered, a substitution for medical intervention. If you are facing serious health problems, please reach out to a medical professional.