Month: October 2019

“Professors Are Doing Everything They Can to Help SuperFrog Finally Graduate” by Jack Moraglia

         The year was 1979. Jimmy Carter was president, My Sharona by The Knack was the top song on the charts, and Maroon Five’s Adam Levine was born. This was also the year SuperFrog started attendance at TCU. He’s been trying to earn his diploma ever since.          It’s not that SuperFrog isn’t smart. He’s a logistical… Read more →

“Good Boys” Review by Victoria Way

   “Good Boys” is an R-Rated comedy directed by Gene Stupnitsky. It is from the producers of the movie “SuperBad” and “Neighbors.” I noticed many similarities in humor and content between “Good Boys” and the previous movies done by Seth Rogan. Many people claim that “Good Boys” is the modern day version of “Superbad” and shows how children in this… Read more →

Gemelle by Hayden Ferrari

Are you looking for an exciting new restaurant in Fort Worth to spend your weekends watching the TCU football games? Well, Gemelle is the perfect Euro-American restaurant to hang out with your friends while eating delicious homemade pasta and pizza. The restaurant opened on May 29th, but it is slowly becoming a Fort Worth favorite after TCU students have returned… Read more →