“Good Boys” Review by Victoria Way

   “Good Boys” is an R-Rated comedy directed by Gene Stupnitsky. It is from the producers of the movie “SuperBad” and “Neighbors.” I noticed many similarities in humor and content between “Good Boys” and the previous movies done by Seth Rogan. Many people claim that “Good Boys” is the modern day version of “Superbad” and shows how children in this generation are being exposed to various things. Jacob Tremblay, Keith Williams, and Brady Noon star as three, twelve-year-old best friends trying to navigate the middle school social scene. After getting invited to his first kissing party, Max recruits the help of his friends Lucas and Thor to help him learn how to kiss. Through the process, Max steals his father’s drone to spy on the teenage girls next door. He loses it and must find it or replace it before his father gets home. The movie follows the journey the boys go on to retrieve the drone, while still trying to better their kissing skills.

   Based on the description of the movie, it seems odd that it would be rated R. However, the movie has extreme use of explicit language, mentions sex and sexual things, and also shows drug use. While all of these may sound like negative aspects of the movie, I really enjoyed the lighthearted nature of this film. I also now understand why it was Rated R, despite having a young cast and main characters. I would certainly not recommend this for children below the age of seventeen or eighteen, however, this was an extremely funny movie and I would highly recommend it for adults to see with their friends.

   Personally, I saw the movie with my mom and we both were in shock and laughing throughout the entire film. It was a bit uncomfortable when they showed things of a sexual nature, but we both felt that the movie was silly and light. It was not the most thought-provoking movie, but it did have somewhat of a good message. The idea that people change and drifting apart from your childhood friends is normal was the one deep thing I got from the movie. I feel that it happens to many people and is extremely relatable. One thing in particular shown and discussed in the movie was how young children are starting to be exposed to things such as drugs and alcohol. This is something I feel like is popular in society today. Children as young as eleven and twelve are being exposed to things of a sexual nature and drugs so much earlier than children were ten years ago. I feel that although the movie was funny and lighthearted, this is something we should be careful not to glamorize. All in all, I felt that this movie is good for mature audiences, it had a similar ‘vibe’ to movies such as “Super Bad” and “Neighbors”. If those movies are of interest to you I would suggest seeing “Good Boys” for a good laugh.