Month: August 2019

The Female Dresser

By: Amanda Smiley Major: English & Spanish Year: Senior Hometown: Denver, CO   If you’re a female, you probably have a dresser. My dresser is a manifestation of myself in a myriad of horcruxes, a collection of glass and plastic and small items that look like my own little city model of streets and cars and buildings and back alleys.… Read more →

Authentic Self Discovery

By: Ashley Parks Major: Theatre & Writing Year: Sophomore Hometown: Woodbridge, VA   My life could be spent in music halls, The nooks and crannies of the deep backstage. I love to watch the lights flash. Hear The keys plunk. The trumpet blow. The Opera Man sing. My life could be spent in performance. Sometimes, I feel my life already… Read more →

Wedding Cake in the Road

By: Rachel Brooks Major: English & Secondary Education Year: Junior Hometown: Round Rock, TX   “Hurry, hurry, hurry!” the best man chanted, tapping the accelerator with his booted foot, his fingers fidgeting on the gear shift. “We’ve got it, start the car!” screamed groomsmen number one, the bride’s brother, as he and two other groomsmen shoved the cake into the… Read more →