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The Long Road Home

Theron Abell, Senior, Writing, Mansfield, TX   The storm rushed me like a thief in the night. I was alone, my father a statue beside me. I could see the still, peaceful faces in the mirror. Lightning hopscotched the sky like cracks of daylight, Painting the trees and wrinkled sky in harsh relief. Thunder shook the air to the rain’s… Read more →

The Bounty

  Brandon McLeod, Senior, Criminal Justice, Albuquerque, NM        If everything went according to plan, Blazin’ Johnny Belmont would be dead before sunrise.        He’d been running from the law for longer than he could remember. His reputation had grown to such infamy that the US Marshals placed a five-thousand-dollar bounty on him. Wanted dead or alive.… Read more →

Ode to the Stars

Emma Watson, Junior, Journalism, Fort Worth, TX   Almost midnight Lying by the hotel pool, water lapping Damp cushion underneath our backs Staring upwards into the murky sky Never had I seen them so clearly Millions and billions, an infinite amount Still unknown to our miniscule selves Yet just right above us Bunches of bright clusters, tiny white dots Encapsulated… Read more →