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Birds of Prey

Trinity Miles, Sophomore, Writing, Colleyville, TX        The pounding was incessant, and it swallowed the song of the surrounding birds. For two days now, repairmen had been banging away on the roof of Thomas and Meghan’s apartment complex, finally beginning to mend the cracks that had made themselves a part of their home. Since they moved in, the… Read more →

C o l o r s

Jake Burdette, Freshman, Film and Marketing, Tampa, FL   What a wonderful world, talkin Louis Armstrong. Trees of green and red roses too.  Remember when you were a kid learning red, yellow, and blue? Then, you trick-or-treat on halloween while it’s black, and the stacks Of chocolate, rich brown, I never frowned when Christmas came around. And the reds and… Read more →

The Price of Happiness

Emma Watson, Junior, Journalism, Fort Worth, TX   I used to talk to my father Have actual conversations, about real life Over morning coffee and drives to the movies Bonding over our similarities, like father like daughter   He used to come home by six o’clock for dinner And we’d eat as a family By high school he didn’t come… Read more →

The Road Trip

Trinity Miles, Sophomore, Writing, Colleyville, TX        Mark didn’t need the GPS to tell him which roads to take, he had made the trip enough times to know the route. Only his left hand guided their Suburban, which rested loosely on the bottom of the steering wheel. To his right was his wife fiddling with the radio, turning… Read more →

Déjà Vu

Anthony Lucido, Junior, History, Fort Worth, TX   I dreamt of a White Christmas with frequent winds in April, But got 105° degrees and rising instead.   A cement soldier salutes in the town square. Blood slithers by his feet From the head of a law man With a pistol in his hand.   Husks of soldiers litter the streets,… Read more →