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The Water Rises

Annika Sellke, Freshman, Newberg, Oregon   Rain fills the bioswale as the curtains sway with the soft breaths of a fluffy white dog who wishes to sleep his energetic morning away. The two boys near me discuss the new game, while beside them I find my mind pulled astray in search of a different, more nostalgic day…   I watch… Read more →

The Cinematic Voyage

Jaya Armstead, Senior, Writing, Dallas, Texas   The radiant lights illuminate the dark night sky Like a guiding beacon of light in a barren sea As a stranded ship I sail closer to the source of light This is the place where I was meant to be   The scent of salty buttery popcorn greets my nose with a kiss… Read more →

Stolen Moments

Lacey Harms, Writing, Senior, San Antonio, TX I have darted down the sidewalk after the ice cream truck, fiery asphalt turning my soft, child toes red.   I have painted sloppy pictures of toucans that have ears too big, or bizarre, purple-colored tongues.   I have clasped my hands, bowed my head, repeating the melodic, empty words of God, thank… Read more →