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Antiquity: Now in Color

Cole Crawford, Junior, Writing and History, McKinney, TX   Whenever we, in the modern era, imagine the awe-inspiring buildings and statues of ancient Antiquity, what do we picture? It would probably be sleek white marble with its stoic sheen, the visage of philosophy and empire. Yet in this modern era, with our courthouses and government buildings imitating the white marble… Read more →

Taco Soup Recipe

By Marissa Bradley from Flower Mound, Texas             Wanting something warm to eat? Too cold outside? I have the recipe for you! From the variety of beans to the spices to the protein, this taco soup recipe will surely warm you up on a cold evening.Following the instructions contains about ten to twelve servings.  If you have it at hand, you… Read more →

Branch & Bird Review

By Makayla Lockard from Mansfield, Texas           If you are looking for a nice place to dine to celebrate a special occasion, hang out with friends or family, or just to go somewhere with a nice view, I definitely recommend trying Branch & Bird in Fort Worth, Texas. With a sky lobby on top of Frost Bank Tower, Branch & Bird has… Read more →

The Major Arcana: TCU Edition

By Kaye Webster from Kansas City, MO           Many are familiar with the image of a tarot card, whether it be in the hands of a witch, carnival psychic, or merely a curious soul interested in the art of divination. Tarot decks come in various designs and aesthetics, and contain 78 cards. The 56 trump cards are divided into four suits:… Read more →

How to Write a Cover Letter

By Adrienne Stallings from Bedford, TX             As a writing major, I’m not usually daunted by writing (I think I’d need a major change if that were the case). Even 20-page papers are less terrifying when I think “okay, but that’s only 5000 words.” However, there are two types of writing I dread—what I have dubbed “professional emails,” and cover… Read more →

Artist Profile: Captain Beefheart

By Jake Beales, Alameda, California   No man has ever made me question the word genius as much as Captain Beefheart has. Though, if you were to ask Thelonious Monk what makes a genius, he’d tell you, “A genius is a man most like himself.” By that account, Don Vliet, better known by the name Captain Beefheart, is a genius.… Read more →

Feel-Good Animated Shows You May Not Know About

By Brianna Harkins from Fort Worth, Texas I can’t get enough of wholesome, feel-good animated shows and movies. And neither can my Millennial and Gen Z pals. We grew up on Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, 4K!DS TV, Warner Bros, Boomerang, and probably a few others. I didn’t stop watching “kids’ shows” after I graduated into adolescence, and I… Read more →

Candied Citrus

By Kelly Winegar from Sherburne, NY Need a unique recipe? With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought I’d share this addicting candy recipe. Hearts are in the air, or love… or something. Anyway, I stumbled across this idea a while back, and I have to say it’s pretty delicious. The candy melts away in your mouth, leaving a zesty flavor. If… Read more →