Month: January 2022

When I Learned How to Cook

Pamela Guerrero, Sophomore, English, Arlington, TX   My mother taught me to measure   from the heart. And like all beginners, I was a skeptic toward the lack of technique. But when the salsa had a bit too much heat or the flan came out perfectly sweet, I realized that the flavors I swallowed were that of my mother’s anger… Read more →

On Panic, or, Writing a Novel in a Month

Carter Bedward, Senior, Writing, Fort Worth, TX Panic is a primal emotion. It rises from deep within, shortening the breath and closing the mind until its clutches seem impossible to escape and thinking becomes impossible. Panic was designed for fight or flight, for a life-or-death fight with a wild bear, a desperate escape from a pack of wolves. Writing, on… Read more →