Month: February 2017

“A Mother’s Love” by Laska Anderson

  It was a blindingly glorious and day in the rolling, green-lawned suburb on the east side of Louisville. Oeddy was inside his basement room, taking apart and rebuilding his laptop in the alien, glowing light from the humming monitors and video game systems. His tanned, blonde, long-limbed siblings bounded inside their immaculate brownstone; they were sweaty and invigorated from… Read more →

“Winter is Coming”

As each day comes to a close, TCU students have become more aware of the approaching winter and the primal fear attached to it. One more radical student has taken up arms against Mother Nature…with superglue. In a heroic act to stop winter altogether Joe Shmoe, graduating senior from Sunnyvile, CA, has begun supergluing leaves back onto trees. We caught… Read more →