About eleven40seven

Former and current members of the staff, 2005 to 2015

Who we are:

eleven40seven is TCU’s student-run, undergraduate journal of the arts. Originally started by the Bryson Literary Society in 2005, the journal now operates independently, run by an undergraduate staff and one faculty advisor. Together, we work to publish the journal biannually.

The journal is funded through the generosity of the Hamilton Family Endowment, the TCU English Department, and the TCU Institute of Critical and Creative Expression.

What we believe:

The journal has always aimed to present a student perspective that differs drastically from mainstream campus culture, promoting TCU’s artistic and creative endeavors. Our desire to be different, to be unexpected, is an important part of our history and identity.

Our name became eleven40seven. Our mission became to showcase the different, the new, the meaningful in the work generated by our fellow students.

Why we call ourselves eleven40seven:

When deciding on a name for the journal, some of the founders originally planned a brainstorming session for noon. However, in the spirit of individuality, the other founders argued that the meeting should take place at 11:47 a.m. instead. Though the brainstorming itself produced no lasting results, the meeting time stuck. When the first issue came out in Spring 2005, it was that meeting time, that first statement of our distinct identity, that sprawled across the cover.

Why we exist:

Today, eleven40seven is a highly respected publication, and though our acquisitions process is competitive, we have remained accessible to all students, offering them a place to display their own creative work and a place to appreciate the work of their peers.

Where we come from:

For the first four years, the Bryson Literary Society President (BLS) and the eleven40seven Editor-in-Chief (EIC) were one in the same.

Jonathan Connor (BLS founding President and 1st EIC).
The first two web-only issues, Spring and Fall 2005

Chrissie Thornburg (2nd President, 2nd EIC).
First print issue and web-companion, Spring 2006

Katy Garrison (3rd President, 3rd EIC).
Print and Web, Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Fall 2007, and Spring 2008

Sarah Dozier (4th President, 4th EIC).
Print and Web, Fall 2008 and Spring 2009

In preparation for the Fall 2009 issue, the role of President and EIC began to split.

Ashley Tambunga (5th President).
She was also co-EIC (the 5th) with Chris Jasper.
Print and Web, Fall 2009

Stephanie Scott stepped in as 6th EIC in the Spring of 2010.
Print and Web, Spring 2010

Starting with the Fall 2010 issue, the two operations (the BLS and eleven40seven) became separate entities:

The 6th President of the BLS (’10-’11) was Chad Gallman.

The 7th Print EIC was Kelli Trapnell.

The Fall 2010 Web EIC was Rachel Spurrier.

The Spring 2011 Web EIC was Emily Capelli.

The 7th President of the BLS (’11-’12) was Rachel Spurrier.

The Fall 2011 Web EIC was Rachel Spurrier.

The 8th Print EIC was Nathan Pesina.

The 8th President of the BLS (’12-’13) was Taylor Muller.

The 9th Print EIC was Bill Hamlett.
Managing Editor was Alejandra Rodriguez Creixell.

The 9th President of BLS (’13-’14) is Alejandra Rodriguez Creixell.

The 10th Print EIC was Alejandra Rodriguez Creixell.
Managing Editor was Allana Wooley.

The 11th Print EIC was Allana Wooley.
Co-Managing Editors was Lauren Michiels and Valyrie Kulp.

The 12th Print EIC was Valyrie Kulp.
Managing Editor was Lauren Hart.

The 13th Print Co-EICs were Allana Wooley & Lauren Hart.
Managing Editor was Lindsay Cowdin.

The 14th Print EICs was Lindsay Cowdin.
Managing Editor was Brigid Murray.

The 15th Print EIC was Brigid Murray.
Managing Editor was Karlyn Tunnell.

The 16th Print EIC was Karlyn Tunnell.
Managing Editor was Lauren Langston.

The 17th Print EIC was Lauren Langston.
Managing Editor was Amanda Smiley.

The 18th Print EIC was Amanda Smiley.
Managing Editor was Catherine Lillie.

The 19th Print EIC was Catherine Lillie.
Managing Editor was Lucy Mariani.

The 20th Print EIC was Lucy Mariani.
Co-Managing Editors were Morgan Williams and Carl Richardson.

The 21st Print EIC was Morgan Williams.
Co-Managing Editors were Lauren Truong and Jack Moraglia.

The 22nd Print Co-EICs were Lauren Truong and Jack Moraglia.
Co-Managing Editors were Caylie Jordan and Alyssa Johnston.

The 23rd Print EICs were Elizabeth Afeman, Hayden Ferrari, and Caylie Jordan.
Managing Editor was Chloe Creed.

What we want from you:

Help us break the mold. Support individuality. Read and submit to eleven40seven.