Month: January 2019

“Nightlife” by Jasmine Dalrymple

The love for the night is so great  hearts melt for it, ’til the dusk of day.       City lights shine through the darkest miles  embarking the shimmers of stars   with beauty so great.    Vibrant hues of life reflect onto the dark sky   of every being’s choice of matter   with the wandering mind, it sees.    One may think… Read more →

“Heavy Soil” by Madison Hart

I don’t need you,  Just like you don’t need me.    It’s too easy, anyway, and impossible for me to be  After tending to the garden.  Among the hidden brush were lush patches   Of freesia that had been overrun by  Weeds.  A faint lingering haze ambled low to the ground among the   Delicate petals, trodden and veiled amid   The mutiny,… Read more →