Month: December 2021


Max Kinkade, Senior, Film, Television, and Digital Media, Senior, Fort Worth, TX Undulating tentacles pound the cave floor, shaking the ceiling and loosening rocks from crevices above. Fernando grabs Sabrina and shields her body from the shower of rubble, knowing that this shall be their last embrace. The kraken spots the couple in their hiding with its singular pallid eye.… Read more →

Woman of Blue

Olivia Eberwein, Senior, Biology, Fort Worth, TX   Why do you cry so, Woman of Blue?   Thy face is red, a roses flush Thy eyes drop the dew of the morn Wet petals wilt thy lips of lush And ground poinsettias paint thy cheeks adorned.   Why do you cry so, Woman of Blue?   With eyes immersed in… Read more →


Alonzo Rangel, Senior, Writing, Fort Worth, TX   When you’re the history, it’s the droves that remain idle. The rounds you make through pointillist renderings of motion, so swift, the galactic fabric that you were commissioned is now a wind coarsened wisp. In your sheer dress, you walk the gallery to find that it’s all as you left it, with… Read more →