Month: January 2018

“Redo” by Rachel Cernosek

“Redo” The easiest way to learn from your mistakes is to make it so that they never happened in the first place. First date. A girl that just so happens to be my best friend. She looks beautiful, sitting across the white-clothed table in a sundress, her cheeks glowing in the light of the restaurant. But that alone makes me… Read more →

SoundCloud Playlist – Study, Relax, Enjoy…

by Karenne Koessler   The SoundCloud user Aux London released an incredible playlist two years ago that has since evolved and bloomed into a beautiful collection of relaxing and uplifting tracks created by a multitude of artists and DJs from around the world. The playlist titled “Acoustic House Vol. 1 (Chill, Relax & Study)” would be a great addition to… Read more →

TCU Survival Guide

by Suzanne Yost   Are you a student at TCU? A freshman? A senior? One of the forgotten grades in between? A transfer student? An out-of-stater? A scared-to-leave-the-only-place-you’ve-ever-known-so-you-just-stayed-in-Texas-er? A purple enthusiast? A small, spiky lizard that shoots blood from its eyes?   If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you might have some questions of your own: How… Read more →