“A Midday Jaunt” by Sarah Jennings

A Midday Jaunt

The wheels of the scooters rattle and clatter
Over the gravelly ground
While the hoverboard softly whirrs,
While birds chirp and chatter from
Perches in verdant arbor.
Reclined at the trunk of a tree,
A stout squirrel, a greedy gorger,
Feasts on a large ball of green fruit.

We push and glide on our wheeled ride, and wind whooshes past.
Sunlight, a warm blanket, breaks through
Cool dappled shadows, onto us.
We watch someone disentangle
A handful of leashes. Her dogs,
Spinning, snuffling, twirling,
Pulling, knot and stumble on their cords.
High overhead, a jet plane whizzes,
Tracing a thin, white path in the sky.

Now all around us, the warm, the cool, the bumpy,
The scrumpy, the fluffy, the noisy,
The green, the yellow, the gray, the brown,
Enfold us. We slide across the
Pavement, in one burst, then another.
On a smooth stretch of road, we sail.
On a ragged patch, our bones jostle.
And we await the creak of our gate
As its motor groans to open it