Dear eleven40seven…

September 8, 2017

Dear eleven40seven,

So one of my roommates makes us question if he even lives with us. He is never here and whenever we go out to bars or try to have a good time, he is always MIA and never wants to do anything with us. He hides in his room, lowkey ignores us, and is super distant. Should we live with him next year because we know he’s a good dude and is pretty clean or should we take our chances and ask some rando to get a house with us next year?


Confused roommate


Dear Confused roommate,

Fish are as low as $1.99 at Petco.



September 24, 2017

Dear eleven40seven,

Why do I feel that everywhere I go, there’s so many dudes. I mean I guess it makes sense cause I’m in a frat, but like forreal where is this TCU ratio coming into play? I can’t compete with all my bros at parties and its just as hard at bars. Advice?



Dear hornedfrog23,

Enroll in the nursing program.