The Cinematic Voyage

Jaya Armstead, Senior, Writing, Dallas, Texas


The radiant lights illuminate the dark night sky
Like a guiding beacon of light in a barren sea
As a stranded ship I sail closer to the source of light
This is the place where I was meant to be


The scent of salty buttery popcorn greets my nose with a kiss
With a smile I breathe it all in then release a big sigh
Behind each theater door is a magical cinematic bliss
Although motley in appearance, the audience is unified


As if butter on a skillet, melt into the plush red seats
With fire in your eyes, brace yourself for what is to come
Your captain, the screen, is ready to take you on great feats
As the picture begins to play your focused is succumbed


Your journey through the film feels like the unpredictable ocean
A smooth progression towards a drastic high waterfall
The weary waters rock you back and forth with rattled emotions
An end is signified by numerous claps like cawing seagulls


The darkness of the room is casted away by the growing lights
The vividness of your imagination has fed of the adventure
You must go back and replay everything in your head tonight
An out of body experience like this has nothing that will measure