“Bone Appétit” by Eliza Calvo

Inspired by Disney’s Silly Symphonies- “Skeleton Dance”


Awake and see nothing. The soil had cleaned the meat of our face.
The clamor of cats screaming. Oh! Such a delightful sound of grace.

Pushed all the filth out of the way, to have seen a cat pull another’s nose.
They freaked out and had ran away, a reason for why we had rose.

He checked to the left, and then to the right. Not a soul was around.
Not a single creature or monster in sight, just a sacred burial ground.

One by one, the members came to fulfill the ritualistic promise.
A cult of musically invested corpses, to shame doubting Thomas.

Long live the king. Long live the sound. Long live the souls
that listened underneath that forgotten, ancient, deserted ground.

Ring around the rosies. The tombstones pulsed as we had stomped in a circle.
Absent hearts. Skeletal structures clink, clank, clink in perfect syncopation.

Ka, Ka, KA! Oh, the morning rose. What a shame. A different melody I suppose.
We had rushed to our holes, our worm-infested mattress where rich soil grows.

Nothing more to ache. We as a group had cried.
Another melody takes over, but in the end,
we smile. The night and our longevity may
have ceased, but…

Music has never died.