The Fandom Menace By Sean Preiss

A long time ago,

In a galaxy:

Our galaxy,

A rebel director

Striking from a hidden story

Has won his first victory against the status quo of filmmaking.

His movie is A New Hope for cinema,

With dazzling effects and a riveting narrative,

Of a farm boy, a princess, and a scoundrel,

On a quest to save the galaxy,

Their story takes the world by storm,

And becomes a Force upon the culture of the world.

In the span of half a decade,

The Empire would Strike Back,

And the Jedi would Return.

Fame would compound with fame,

And become a legend all its own,

Crossing the generational gap,

Through legendary storytelling

And lots and lots of toys.

At the tale end of the twentieth century,

The legend simmered,

Until it remained as but a simple niche,

For young boys and nostalgic men.

In the wake of a settled saga,

The master filmmaker returns,

With a promise of a trilogy of answers

And foundation renovation.

The new era of the legendary setting,

Brims with anticipation.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited continuation,

Arrives with an inglorious crash.

History is rewritten as the scoundrel shoots second,

And the efforts of human ingenuity are replaced with the efforts of primal computers.

What was loved has become compromised by a creator’s want for glamour,

And as the Phantom Menace reveals itself,

The legend has been forever changed.

The children born to the first saga are appalled,

Angered that their childhood legends have been sullied,

By childish humor and petty performances.

The Attack of the Clones turned bad to worse,

And not even the Revenge of the Sith could heal,

Those who were cut deepest.

Those among the first rebuked this new trilogy,

But that did not stop the phenomenon:

A new generation of fans arose,

Joyful that they had an era to call their own,

And watered by persistent forces,

Both without and within.

In the decade that followed,

Rage was undermined by joy and dedication,

Theirs’ was a silent joy,

But such was their passion that it could never be sundered,

Subtly shifting the status quo.

But then, an Awakening:

The creator sheds himself of his creation,

And places it into the hands of a mighty Mouse.

Cast aside were many beloved legends,

For in their place would rise a rebirth,

A story of a not-so-distant future,

And a young new soul to inherit a mighty legacy.

This would be the story of a Force Awakened,

Colliding with the fabled Last Jedi,

And finding a grand conclusion to four decades of War among the Stars.

The children born to the saga before were appalled,

Angered that their childhood legends had been sullied,

By recurrence of plots and uninspired additions.

Their subtle love erupted into dangerous passion,

Until it boiled into a toxic rage,

Indistinguishable from that of their forebears’.

Fighting what one hates,

And saving what one loves,

Is a cycle more natural than one could ever want.

Already, the youngest of these fanatics,

Take up arms to defend what they choose is theirs.

Will they fall prey to the cyclical instincts of the fan?

Or will they find the miracle to break through,

And bring balance to the Force?