Month: March 2019

“I’ll Tell You the Truth, If You Tell Me No Lies” by Melissa Countryman

“You can tell me.” She says   looking down at me.   An unaffected smile  framed in lip gloss.    Her long fingers with nails   cut short but beautiful,   hold a file with my name   scrawled boldly across the front.   The other she lays on my back:   [on broken skin and welts   and belt marks]  Concealed by a pretty little   yellow dress with… Read more →

“CRUSHED” by Shawna Dyer

I’d heard of the birds   with crushed wings.    A hand grasping them  too tightly.     I have been searching for   words     to use   when expressing how     it feels to see the grim reaper   at your own door,    but only in retrospect.   For him to make his     home in your heart.  Even if he is not physically    … Read more →