Month: March 2019

The Upside- A review by Megan Nun

Drama-comedy, 2hr 6min In this heartfelt drama, millionaire quadriplegic Phillip, portrayed by Bryan Cranston, is seeking a live-in caretaker to assist in his daily needs. While many apt candidates present themselves for interviews, Dell, played by Kevin Hart, surfaces as a man on parole with no desire. His attitude runs him the risk of being written off by many, and… Read more →

Valentine’s Day 1147 Article By Aaron Schmid

In the same manner as all inescapable worldly pleasures and pains, Valentine’s Day has come again, and with it comes an incessant string of articles littering your feeds with guides to love, date ideas, and advertisements for last minute gifts. However, for you, today I offer a chance for simple reflection and a look towards the single most important person… Read more →

“My Full Reward” by Taz Turner

How foolish am I? I can’t count the ways.  I’m hypocrisy’s slave who in solitude prays   For humility, yet, when found in a crowd  Seeks attention with zeal befitting a proud,  Narcissistically inclined offspring of the earth.  My heart becomes bitter, faced with the dearth  Of high praise, which my mind somehow thinks is its due,  Though the lightest inspection… Read more →