“Food Pornography” by Eliza Calvo

Girls like you, live for the curves.
The soft, outside, curvature angles,
make a man’s heart melt like that
golden yellow, flaring sundress you wear.
Healthy greens have nothing on you.
I see that massive hairy ape clinging onto you
as tight as a wedgie in the crack of your ass.
Just wow.
The delicious beauty that sits within reach,
begins to dissolve in his acidic ego.
Morally wrong.
The way he treats you, distorts perfection.
He smothers your beauty, a masterpiece.
He engraves a scalloped pattern
into the depths of your soul.
The agony.
He gets up and fails to tip.
Two tables down, another girl
weeps in another man’s hands – choking.
Thrown onto a plate, naked parts everywhere.
He leaves. No tip. Not looking back.