Kim’s Convenience Review

By: Saraisabel Perez


Kim’s Convenience is the latest show to follow the trend of dysfunctional families from a different background. Similar to Fresh Off the Boat or Modern Family, this sitcom stars a family rooted in Korean culture but raised in the city of Toronto. The family consists of the parents, Umma (Mrs. Kim) and Appa (Mr. Kim), and their two young adult children, Jung and Janet. They own a bodega style convenience store that is the focal point of the show, often the backdrop to some of the more heartfelt conversations between the family members. While the show may be mostly lighthearted situations (like Season 1 Episode 9 where Mr. Kim discovers that expiration dates are not just suggestions), the show has season long story arcs between the characters. The most intricate one involving all members of the family and their desire to mend the strained relationship between Mr. Kim and his son, Jung. In addition to the family, the secondary characters, including neighbors, friends, and members of their church, add another humorous element to the show’s already light atmosphere. In Season 1, Episode 13, Mrs. Kim decides that the family must participate (and win) in the church singing contest after hearing that Mrs. Lee (who always won with the same song she performs every year) was participating. While winning would definitely be nice and the award would be proudly displayed on the “Don’t Touch” wall, more than anything, Mrs. Kim wants to reunite her family. This episode captures the heart of the show in its purest form. But just like there are emotionally intense moments, there’s an equal amount of workplace crushes, church gossip, and roommate misunderstandings to balance it all out. Overall, Kim’s Convenience is a great show to watch when you need a break from binging countless hour-long dramas in your queue or need distractions from the never-ending to-do list. Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Netflix with 13 20-minute episodes per season; all the makings of a successful binge watch session.