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the summer you might see

Laura Fuentes Year: Junior Major: Film, TV, Digital Media Hometown: Fort Worth, TX   dress swaying in the garden counting monsters you take an open palm of soft familiar scales with untrimmed fingernails scratching your back like the chalk on the sidewalk   you know better than to cry but still you do and your milk teeth decay and your… Read more →

The Plop

Ashley Parks Year: Junior Major: Writing, Theater Hometown: Woodbridge, VA   Don’t you love those moments in the rain as you siphon your body  through the trees, usually rushing, in a fruitless race  to keep dry. your foot clomps down one more time  on the rain-soaked earth, fields of crystal-clear puddles,  concrete and asphalt cauldrons  and soon your socks are… Read more →


Ally Ameel Year: Junior Major: Electrical Engineering Hometown: Austin, TX   You’ve always been one of those people.                I want to  grab your arms and spin you around       like a child under      a tree of Christmas lights   maybe if you get dizzy                         your vision will blur into                         a dazzling display of colors                                     an image… Read more →

Lacey White Panties – A Tragedy

By: Paulette Watson Major: English Year: Senior Hometown: Alvarado, TX Lacey White Panties – A Tragedy A typical walk to my car interrupted by lacey white hipster panties laying abandoned on the seasoned sidewalk. Why are lacey panties deserted on the sidewalk? How does one even lose panties on a sidewalk? What if, the panties began to creep and crawl… Read more →