Month: April 2020

The Plop

Ashley Parks Year: Junior Major: Writing, Theater Hometown: Woodbridge, VA   Don’t you love those moments in the rain as you siphon your body  through the trees, usually rushing, in a fruitless race  to keep dry. your foot clomps down one more time  on the rain-soaked earth, fields of crystal-clear puddles,  concrete and asphalt cauldrons  and soon your socks are… Read more →


Ally Ameel Year: Junior Major: Electrical Engineering Hometown: Austin, TX   You’ve always been one of those people.                I want to  grab your arms and spin you around       like a child under      a tree of Christmas lights   maybe if you get dizzy                         your vision will blur into                         a dazzling display of colors                                     an image… Read more →

Popular College Attire and What It Means

Jasmine Dalrymple Class: Senior Major: English Minor: Creative Writing Hometown: San Diego, CA   When you walk around a college campus, you often grasp the beauty of the flowers, architecture of the buildings, and the fashion of students. No matter where you go or what corner you turn, you will often see unique, fashionable styles of college students. Often, you… Read more →

University Not Fooling Anybody with Attempt to Get More Money out of Students

Elizabeth Afeman Class: Senior Major: Writing Minor: Spanish Hometown: McKinney, TX   Ah, student parking on college campuses. Now that’s something that has never stirred up any kind of controversy or anger from anyone, ever. I mean, who wouldn’t want to pay even more to park at a University they already pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend? First… Read more →