Popular College Attire and What It Means

Jasmine Dalrymple

Class: Senior

Major: English

Minor: Creative Writing

Hometown: San Diego, CA


When you walk around a college campus, you often grasp the beauty of the flowers, architecture of the buildings, and the fashion of students. No matter where you go or what corner you turn, you will often see unique, fashionable styles of college students. Often, you may even see repetitive clothing choices walking around campus, and then you will be able to tell the ins and outs of college fashion. Yet, I have known many people who have claimed to say that all college campuses dress the same. At TCU, having a little over 10,000 students, you will see many different styles being portrayed, but I narrowed it down to the three most common college attire you will see on campus.

  1. The College Logo


Often these students are all decked out with their college logo from head to toe. And often, these students are new incoming students or freshmen. Even though they stand out regularly, we have to give the frosh one thing, and that’s that they are dedicated and proud. However, it is one of the most obvious signs that you are new when you have a sweatshirt, cap, hoodie and shoes that read TCU. These students seem not to be over the fact they got into their dream school. But maybe that will die down after a while once they see the tuition price that rises every year.

2) The Greeks

These Greeks don’t walk around in Togas or wear sandals; instead, they wear little Greek letters on the sides of their shirts to mark their involvement in a sisterhood and a brotherhood organization. Often these students are dedicated to each member and make lifelong friends. They hold formals that require them to dress in nice attire and look spontaneous during those days, which has to make them one of the most well-dressed students on campus.

3) The Dress Downers

Most likely, they are upperclassmen, and all they want to do is graduate and move on with their lives. They most likely roll out of bed with an oversized shirt/sweatshirt and toss their backpack over their shoulder and head out the door. On the way, they often eat their food in class and always have a Starbucks coffee in hand. The only message these students are portraying is that they want an A+ so they can move on with their lives.

So there you have it: the top three outfits worn on college campuses. So to any new or incoming students who’s on the verge of college or wants to know more about college fashion, here is your chance. These will be the three things you will see on campus almost anywhere you attend.