An Ode to Rome

By: Lauren Working

Major: Communication Studies, Writing Minor

Year: Senior

Hometown: Lake Oswego, OR


I miss you. I miss the way the streets reeked of lukewarm Peroni after a Thursday night romp around the town until the sun rose again. I miss the way your buildings looked as if they could be brought to their knees with a single touch of your finger, yet mother nature has never tried. I miss you. I miss the silent hum of the metro line as I drifted into a slumber even more than I miss the faint song of the accordion played by the man across from the ATM. He would give me a wink in the place of a hello, just like the fella at the flower stand would ever so slightly nod his head. I miss you. I miss every single cobblestone in the road that nearly broke my ankle, every extra piece of parmesan that I threw on my favorite carbonara, every drop of wine that just barely missed my white shirt, every cigarette that was puffed directly into my face. I miss every burnt tongue due to a steaming hot one Euro cappuccino, every clothesline that hung all my Levi’s that took days to dry, every fresco that I thought way too hard into, every Vespa that practically skinned me on the sidewalk, every plant I resisted to buy at my favorite flower market, every tear that I cried saying goodbye. I miss you, you stupid, lovely place that stole my heart and never gave it back.