Month: May 2018

Dear eleven40seven…

April 12, 2018   Dear eleven40seven, Why do froggies not take you off campus? Like I get that it’s to keep people safe on campus but don’t most of the problems happen off campus? How am I supposed to go to Kroger at 12am or Whataburger at 1am? This is when students need rides. Just a mile radius off campus… Read more →

Home for the Break by Amanda Smiley

The familiar smell of oak wood and leather swallows you as you lug your suitcase through the garage door and into the living room. Up the mini flight of stairs, Mom’s slightly bent figure hunches over her cutting board of vegetables, and the fluorescent lights of the kitchen flicker. You can smell searing peppers on the stovetop. “Hello!” Mom’s voice… Read more →

Dear eleven40seven…

April 1, 2018   Dear eleven40seven, We spend $50,000+ a year to go here and all that I see when I go around campus is extra fees and charges. Why is everything so expensive? Textbooks. Rec classes. Post office postage. Apparel. Bookstore bistro. Why is this not included? I spend so much money literally everyday. WHY?!?!?! -needcashnow   Dear needcashnow,… Read more →