First Impressions by Lauren Truong

Hey there! You contacted me a few weeks ago, and I’m just getting back
to you. Sorry for the delay!

I’m so excited to meet you! I don’t know too much about you, except all
the information you have online, so I’m glad we’re actually meeting in

I don’t know what you’ve heard about me, but I wanted to tell you some
stuff about me since first impressions are everything, and I don’t want
you to have a false impression of me before you come meet me.
I’m sure you know the basics, like my hometown, my favorite colors,
and all that jazz, so I’ll just give you some extras:

I have a wide variety of interests; some people call me eclectic because
of all the things I love to do. I’m involved in so many organizations, and I
love all subjects from English to Biology to Theatre. I’ve been with all
kinds of people because of my eclectic interests; it’s why I consider
myself such a people person! Even if we may seem different at first, I’m
sure we’ll find at least one thing in common that we could truly bond
over and then become closer.

I’m not the kind of person that just bounces to different people. When I
get into these kinds of things, I always commit – I’ve never committed to
something that lasted less than four years. Because I’m a “commitment”
kind of person, I hope that if all goes well, you’re willing to commit to me

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I’m huge on first impressions. First
impressions are what determine how anything goes, so I always take
them very seriously. This may seem strange, but is it possible you could dress
business casual? You probably were going to dress very nicely
anyway, since this is our first meeting, but I just wanted to make sure
that we were on the same page.

But enough about me; let’s talk about you!

I read that you’ve been in a bunch of organizations at your school.
That’s amazing! You’re passionate about everything you do, and you
have such a wide range of interests. Not only that, but you’ve managed
to be in all those organizations and keep up with your academics – a
feat that a lot of people have trouble accomplishing.

Like mentioned before, I have standards, but with every new person I
choose to meet, something unique always reveals itself during our
conversations, so I look forward to learning what makes you unique
from the everyone else!

Although I’d love to have everyone, there’s only so much space. I would
absolutely love to have you stay with me, but please don’t try to create a
different persona. I want to see who you really are and what your
aspirations may be. Just relax and enjoy your time with me.

I look forward to meeting you at your interview next Saturday.


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