Lacey Harms, Writing, Senior, San Antonio, TX   recall: one day when i was sixteen, a time of living in the cul-de-sac a time of catty girls and sloppy kisses butterfly was weak— she was disoriented from flight trampled by a beautifully wicked human her antennae trembling   you snatched her up with your calloused hands— the hands you use… Read more →

Rose Parade

Lily Margaret Greenway, English, Religion, Freshman, Little Rock, Arkansas   The sun bursts into the new year. Its bloom mimics sixty-thousand roses whose scent stretches as far as the rays of the rising light. Together, they bury the baggage of gathering spectators, hoping, wishing, for beginnings cut as fresh as flower stems. A shift in numbers as clocks strike, a… Read more →

Identity Storm

Dawson Holder, Sophomore, Interdisciplinary Inquiry: Entertainment Law and Entrepreneurship, Flower Mound, Texas My bed is not the same. My body feels disgusting as I lie here in this rain. My mother thought I should be ashamed about my own identity. She can’t see that her hatred drowns out the essence of me and replaces it with someone who I am… Read more →

Apple Orchard

Alexandra Josephine Ameel, Senior, Electrical Engineering, Austin, TX They called me a lamb like Jesus, like a sacrifice white and innocent and pure unaware of so much in the world. No one bothered to include me, to explain what I didn’t understand, smeared mascara and French kissing and fake IDs from different states, but to be fair, I didn’t want… Read more →

The Elusive

Written by Amy Behrens   There are many things in life that seem to escape me in one way or another. Sleep, the most elusive of them all, flees from me tonight. This seems to be nothing out of the ordinary as it happens almost every night.    My children are tucked away in their dreams, the house is clean, my… Read more →