The Power of a Signature Scent

Maggie McLaughlin, senior strategic communication major from South Bend, Indiana   I find myself smelling perfumes and candles a lot. Finding a scent that you love can change the way you walk down a crowded sidewalk and can allow you to leave an impression on people without even saying anything. We have all walked by someone and noticed that they… Read more →

Another Creative Outlet

  Raegan Lane, junior criminal justice major from Fort Worth, Texas For years, I have been a creative writer. I have published a book and a play and written dozens of scenes, stories, and poems. But there are other ways I enjoy expressing my creativity. I am also a cheerleading coach and choreographer. I love coming up with dances and… Read more →

How Dungeons and Dragons Saved my Queer Soul

Cole Crawford (They/Them), senior writing and history double major from McKinney, Texas It was once the scourge of the seventies and eighties, denounced by born-again Christians around the country for “promoting devil worship,” practiced only in secret to avoid the malice of jocks and escape the label of “freak;” it was Dungeons and Dragons. And what forty to fifty years… Read more →

Movies for Therapy

Victor Chavez, writing major, from Fort Worth, Texas Movies. What comes to mind when that word is brought up? I’m assuming it has to do with them being a source of temporary entertainment that has a certain time limit for each one. Or maybe you think of AMC Theaters and the annoying Nicole Kidman ad before each movie. Maybe you… Read more →

Tips and Products for More Peaceful Poops

Brianna Harkins, senior writing major from Fort Worth, Texas Disclaimer: You are about to read way too much information about my body and bowel movements. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS. This is just fancy terminology doctor’s use to say, “You have a ton of inflammation in your gut, but we can’t figure out why. Good luck with that.”… Read more →

The Versatility of Breakfast Tacos

Jessica Schaffer, senior English major and journalism and Spanish double minor, from Fort Worth, Texas       “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I’m sure we’ve all heard that saying a time or two. As an avid breakfast lover, I stand by this statement. However, if it were up to me, I would have breakfast for… Read more →

Birds of Prey

Trinity Miles, Sophomore, Writing, Colleyville, TX        The pounding was incessant, and it swallowed the song of the surrounding birds. For two days now, repairmen had been banging away on the roof of Thomas and Meghan’s apartment complex, finally beginning to mend the cracks that had made themselves a part of their home. Since they moved in, the… Read more →

C o l o r s

Jake Burdette, Freshman, Film and Marketing, Tampa, FL   What a wonderful world, talkin Louis Armstrong. Trees of green and red roses too.  Remember when you were a kid learning red, yellow, and blue? Then, you trick-or-treat on halloween while it’s black, and the stacks Of chocolate, rich brown, I never frowned when Christmas came around. And the reds and… Read more →