On Panic, or, Writing a Novel in a Month

Carter Bedward, Senior, Writing, Fort Worth, TX Panic is a primal emotion. It rises from deep within, shortening the breath and closing the mind until its clutches seem impossible to escape and thinking becomes impossible. Panic was designed for fight or flight, for a life-or-death fight with a wild bear, a desperate escape from a pack of wolves. Writing, on… Read more →

I Find Myself

Adrienne Stallings, Junior, English & Writing, Bedford, TX   chasing dreams,   fragmented memories   of someone not wholly me.   Time   that will never come to pass.   Gleaned   in the fractures of my sleep.   Grasping   at a fluid gold   never meant to solidify   that drips away   for sobriety’s sake. Read more →

Mystical Forces

Emily DuBose, Junior, English, Austin, TX Over the summer, I lost my Air pods. I know, poor little me! There are millions of people that can’t even afford them, and I have the audacity to lose them? This fact was the very reason that I was so distressed. The guilt of my ignorance was a living thing that attacked me… Read more →