y’ALL: Voices from LGBTQ+ Fort Worth

In the Fall semester of 2023, our team of editors reached out to LGBTQ+ members of the Fort Worth community to hear some of their stories. These stories were collected into a chapbook were calling “y’ALL: Voices from LGBTQ+ Fort Worth.” We hope this is just the first issue in a series of issues archiving LGBTQ+ voices in Fort Worth.… Read more →

The Water Glistens

Savannah Childs, Senior, English Major from Shreveport, LA            Light shone across the droplets of sweat coating Blair’s neck. Her brown hair had been pulled into a tight ponytail that peeked out from her hat, but was now falling from the rigor of the hike. Flyaway strands stuck out from her head as if I’d rubbed a balloon against… Read more →

Permanent Damage

Sophia R. Nelson, Sophomore, English Major from Auburn, WA   I can’t help but imagine he still smelled of salty air. His hair was still slightly coated with the distinct texture of the sea. His gray eyes shined brightly not because of his adventure, but of his return home to us. He smiled and laughed with his buddies dressed in… Read more →

Drunken Ship

Raegan Lane, Senior, Criminal Justice Major from Mansfield, TX   Waves rise higher and higher crashing down, like a bottle shattering against concrete.   Wind fills the sails pushing us out further and further into oblivion. Men slipping in and out of the crowd, bulging against young girls.    Wooden boards moan and shift beneath crooked steps. A finger grazes… Read more →