The Movies that Disney SHOULD be Adapting

Written by Theron Abell   Recently, Disney has seemed to have a penchant for adapting their old animated movies into live-action remakes. They may have been doing this purely to make more money, or to make it look like buying Marvel and Star Wars aren’t the only things that they can do inconsequentially. The problem with the way that Disney… Read more →

Silent Stone Manor

Written by Anna Wilcox   One by one, we had been picked off by the horrors that lay beneath the sullen city. Each victim, lured by an invitation to dine in the Manor of Silent Stone. An estranged mansion, laying within the foreboding parts of the city. Of course, we had each assumed we had been summoned for our prestigious… Read more →

Senior (Sadness) Season

Written by Chip Fankhauser   Hello, readers. If you don’t know me, my name is Chip Fankhauser, and I’m a senior with a double degree track with a BS in Mathematics and a BA in Writing. Sounds fancy, right? You might think that, with a degree plan like that (or, like, any degree plan at all), I have my whole… Read more →

Rising of Fantasy

Written by Taylor Kurtz Fantasy is a genre of larger than life moments and often fantastical creatures, hence the name. It is a huge umbrella that incorporates many sub-fantasy genres, such as urban fantasy, steampunk, and high fantasy. In fact, the fantasy literary genre, combined with science fiction, is worth over half a billion dollars, making it the fourth highest-earning… Read more →