Taking Refuge – Lizzie Farina

Taking Refuge I stepped out of the airport and found myself under a blue, cloudless, and sweltering sky. Squinting to adjust to the brightness, I made my way to a bench and sank down onto it, clutching my luggage. I heaved out a sigh and leaned my head back, watching planes float down from the sky and glide across the… Read more →

A Long Way to Go – Elena Butterfield

I have to wonder what my life would be like if my great-great grandmother had a birth certificate.   What if, in Athens (circa 1910), women were people with their own stories, not just a footnote in a man’s? What if she was told she could become something great?   Instead she received a legal reminder that she would never… Read more →

y’ALL: Voices from LGBTQ+ Fort Worth

In the Fall semester of 2023, our team of editors reached out to LGBTQ+ members of the Fort Worth community to hear some of their stories. These stories were collected into a chapbook were calling “y’ALL: Voices from LGBTQ+ Fort Worth.” We hope this is just the first issue in a series of issues archiving LGBTQ+ voices in Fort Worth.… Read more →

The Water Glistens

Savannah Childs, Senior, English Major from Shreveport, LA            Light shone across the droplets of sweat coating Blair’s neck. Her brown hair had been pulled into a tight ponytail that peeked out from her hat, but was now falling from the rigor of the hike. Flyaway strands stuck out from her head as if I’d rubbed a balloon against… Read more →