The Road Trip

Trinity Miles, Sophomore, Writing, Colleyville, TX        Mark didn’t need the GPS to tell him which roads to take, he had made the trip enough times to know the route. Only his left hand guided their Suburban, which rested loosely on the bottom of the steering wheel. To his right was his wife fiddling with the radio, turning… Read more →

Déjà Vu

Anthony Lucido, Junior, History, Fort Worth, TX   I dreamt of a White Christmas with frequent winds in April, But got 105° degrees and rising instead.   A cement soldier salutes in the town square. Blood slithers by his feet From the head of a law man With a pistol in his hand.   Husks of soldiers litter the streets,… Read more →

Beach Day

Jake Burdette, Freshman, Film and Marketing, Tampa, FL   Squawking seagulls soar over the water where wind blows harder. The sound of the breeze in their wings as the waves rumble Turning over and folding.  Crashed under the wave the sizzle of sand Rolling from land and into the depth.  The unwelcomed buzz of someone’s speaker interrupts the scene of… Read more →

The Long Road Home

Theron Abell, Senior, Writing, Mansfield, TX   The storm rushed me like a thief in the night. I was alone, my father a statue beside me. I could see the still, peaceful faces in the mirror. Lightning hopscotched the sky like cracks of daylight, Painting the trees and wrinkled sky in harsh relief. Thunder shook the air to the rain’s… Read more →

The Bounty

  Brandon McLeod, Senior, Criminal Justice, Albuquerque, NM        If everything went according to plan, Blazin’ Johnny Belmont would be dead before sunrise.        He’d been running from the law for longer than he could remember. His reputation had grown to such infamy that the US Marshals placed a five-thousand-dollar bounty on him. Wanted dead or alive.… Read more →