Vitreous Viciousness

Mary Bowling, First Year, English Major, Bristol, TN   I bought a mirror from   an antique shop. It was   beautiful, sparkling and   silver — my second   favorite winning piece,   the rewards of my good   efforts, my saving. I   cherished this mirror   for many days. She   showed me handsome   women, golden… Read more →


Mark Rose, Junior, Political Science, Criminal Justice & English Minors, Oklahoma City, OK   My slitted eyes dart around,  As I slither and slink through the world.  I go forth forever, until I have found  The fruits of my labor universally unfurled.    From the tiniest atom, to the largest galaxy,   My venom infects my victim with inevitable lethality,  The… Read more →

Sam Orr Farms, Fabens, TX

Mya Estrada,Senior, Strategic Communication & Writing, El Paso, Texas   The iris and lantana in the yard sway in the summer breeze. The cows converse de ida y vuelta, The doves in the trees coo. The horses in the pasture flick their tails.   A golden, west Texas sunset glows brilliantly on every surface. Under the shade of the porch,… Read more →

Stopping by the Mirror Every Day

Gabriella Perkins, Junior, English, Italian Minor, Sacramento, CA There is a girl in front of me. Alas, I know what she can see; I press my hands against the glass And wish that I could disagree.   When she looks outside at the grass, Is she avoiding feelings that harass Her mind while she’s stuck in a trance? She needs… Read more →