Ode to the Stars

Emma Watson, Junior, Journalism, Fort Worth, TX


Almost midnight

Lying by the hotel pool, water lapping

Damp cushion underneath our backs

Staring upwards into the murky sky

Never had I seen them so clearly

Millions and billions, an infinite amount

Still unknown to our miniscule selves

Yet just right above us

Bunches of bright clusters, tiny white dots

Encapsulated in this forever-black ocean

A view of yesterday’s universe

Or possibly the universe of billions of years ago

The speed of light slow

In the never-ending depths of darkness


Where are you, furthest star?

For I can only see your past

Are you radiating warmth onto other beings?

Who stare at you with the same awe and wonder

With glassy eyes, unwilling to look away?

Or will you remain endlessly a mystery

Only to be seen by one being on an odd dying planet

Billions of miles away on a warm summer night

Floating forever around until destruction?