5 Things I Like (in no particular order) and Want to Share with You

Written by Brenna Fitzsimmons


  1. My Favorite Murder the Podcast: First, I would like to say that if you do not already listen to any podcasts, I highly suggest that you do. They are perfect to listen to when cleaning, walking, eating, or doing just about anything in life. Pop those headphones in and listen away. My favorite podcast is a comedy true crime podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark titled “My Favorite Murder”. You might be thinking, “Comedy and crime? That’s kind of inappropriate.” However, the hosts feel deeply for the victims and their families, but, like a lot of people, deal with trauma and hardships with humor. The stories are engaging and their commentary is relatable. It is definitely not for everyone, but I often find myself laughing, gasping, and tearing up. It is produced incredibly well. I am obsessed with true crime and listening to this while doing any of the suggested tasks above. It makes me feel like I have more free time than I do. These days, I have started feeling guilty about sitting down and watching a show or movie, so the podcast, for me, is the perfect fix to getting things done while enjoying myself. Check this one out or if you have an iPhone browse through the purple podcast app to find one you might enjoy. 
  2. BTS: BTS, standing for Bangtan Sonyeondan, is a South Korean boyband. The group includes seven members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. They debuted under Big Hit Entertainment in 2013. As someone who considers herself a hardcore Directioner (One Direction fan), I have come to my senses and have realized that BTS is the best boyband in the world and maybe ever. They co-write and co-produce all their work. Their vocals and raps are lyrically layered and intense as well as blessing my ears with tone and pitch. These boys are insane dancers and performers; they go so hard that they often need oxygen tanks in between sets when performing. BTS also has an array of awards from South Korea, America, and various European and Asian countries,  showcasing their world domination. They have even broken YouTube records for most viewed video premiere and have been number one on Billboard. They started a campaign partnered with UNICEF titled Love Myself about anti-violence, and they addressed the United Nations. Most importantly though is BTS’ love for their fans and why I have realized they are the best. BTS refers to their fans as ARMY and they do it all for them. ARMY is loyal and the boys know it which is why they try their hardest to create music, choreography, and video content that will impress them. The boyband makes each fan feel important even though there are millions of them. Their message is of self-acceptance and perseverance inspired by the struggles they have endured to get to where they are. They remind their fans of that message and support their fans like their fans support them. So, stan BTS, it will only bring you happiness and maybe a little heartache.
  3. Little Red Wasp’s Chicken Sandwich: Little Red Wasp is in downtown Fort Worth and is under the same owners as Grace. I only came to the realization recently, but fried chicken sandwiches are probably my favorite food (there are a lot, so it is hard to pick just one). Chicken sandwiches have taken the title; if there is a chicken sandwich on the menu, I will be getting it. I have eaten a lot of fried chicken sandwiches and Little Red Wasp, so far, has my favorite in Fort Worth. It is dressed with cabbage slaw, Renfro’s jalapenos, and served on a potato hoagie. Fried to perfection, it was so good that as soon as I finished it, I was sad. I very rarely go back to places more than once, because there are so many different fried chicken sandwiches to try. However, I think of Little Red Wasp’s sandwich too often, wondering when I will be able to eat it again. 
  4. Jane Austen Movie Adaptations: My absolute favorite Jane Austen adaptations are  Pride and Prejudice (2005) with Keira Knightley and Emma (2020) with Anya Taylor-Joy, but any one of them will really do. These movies make me feel like a giant hopeless romantic blub. The costumes, the sets, the music, and the courting actions of the period pieces coupled with shots of eyes and hands to create a feeling of intimacy culminates into masterpieces that make me believe in a soulmate kind of love. It makes me long for a time and experience that I will never have. Give them a watch! 
  5. The Color Green: It’s just a nice color. Forest, jade, mint, or emerald will all do. I had been firm in my belief not to have a favorite color; there are so many nice ones, but I have finally decided that I like green the best and hope to convert more people to being green lovers. It’s a color that represents growth and new beginnings. Seeing the color reminds me to actively work on growing as a person and remember that nothing is permanent. Next time you see something green — maybe a tree, a frog, or even someone’s coat — I suggest that you admire it, because green is a color that can elicit a deeper meaning and reflection in you.