Valentine’s Day: A Birthday Practice Run

Anyssa Ayala

Class: Senior

Major: English

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX


     Happy Pisces season! If you are lucky enough to be born between February 19th and March 20th, you’re a Pisces, the 12th and final zodiac sign. I was born on February 19th, on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius. So, while I share a sign with Rihanna, Kurt Cobain, Steph Curry, George Washington, Tyler the Creator, Albert Einstein, Millie Bobby Brown and Victoria Justice (the latter of whom I actually share a birthday with), I was almost an Aquarius. My mom revealed to me that my due date was originally February 14th aka Valentine’s Day.

     Having a February birthday sucks, especially when it’s between the 7th and the 21st. In the week before and after Valentine’s Day you spend the entire time hoping people don’t ask you if you have plans for that cursed day, especially if they know your birthday is right after it. Or maybe it’s just me.

     I was born on President’s Day, which basically means I’m destined to be president. (Ayala-Rodriguez 2032?) I also have it on good authority that February Pisceans are probably the best people to date. Why? Half-Off Chocolate Day, aka February 15th aka my best friend Madison’s birthday.

     Galentine’s Day is for friends, Valentine’s Day is for couples, but Half-Off Chocolate Day is for everyone. It’s a wonderful time when you can get a bag of Dove chocolate hearts for three dollars at Walgreens, and if you eat the whole thing while crying and watching Pride and Prejudice, nobody can judge you. Who needs a significant other to buy them candy and flowers twice within a five-day span? I’ll stroll through three different Valentine’s clearance aisles and pick up my own chocolate that I know I’ll like instead of that Russell Stover pack. Seriously does anyone even like orange creme?

     Say you are in a relationship with a February Piscean, and you do a not so great job with their Valentine’s present. (Please, unless you know for a fact they like the variety chocolate pack, don’t buy it for anyone–but if you’re taking it to a meeting go ahead and buy it.) Take the few days before Valentine’s Day and their birthday to try and regroup, get them some cheap chocolate or some cute conversation hearts and have some fun with it, learn from the Russell Stover mistake but keep the stuffed animals. Buy up those Paw Patrol Valentines and write something sweet, or something funny, I don’t know your relationship. This also works if the person in question doesn’t like or eat chocolate.

     But honestly just spending time with your Pisces friend, family member, or significant other is the best present you could give them; anything you buy or make is just an added bonus. And while I spent Valentine’s Day alone and single, I did make some sweet cash babysitting, which means technically my aunt bought me some chocolate (thanks Valerie)! Hopefully, it’ll last me through this exam filled birthday week.

     Also, if anyone from Russell Stover is reading this, I’ll think about removing my orange creme opinions if you send me a free box of chocolate.